VPN For Mobile App

Millions of people use mobile apps on unsecured networks daily, this has led to a enormous amount of cyber crime.  This is an app to help combat this problem by educating users to the dangers as well as getting them to trust that the app is working and doing what it says as well as getting users to change their behavior and take an active role in protecting themselves.  

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Finding a Problem to Solve

Technology is only as good as the problem it solves and when you create the technology with no idea how you’re going to apply it, its akin to putting the cart before the horse. Not having a clear understanding of how you’re going to use what you’ve created (and spent buckets of money developed) is tragic. This is the story of how one company with this approach used User Experience to get themselves on the right track and how they developed a retail solution that was innovative and more importantly solved real world problems with behavioral science.

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Space Splitter

The goal of this project was to create a user experience as a proof of concept in order to receive funding. This was accomplished by building one of the many features that the company planned to eventually offer roommates (RM's) with a tool that enabled them to order household items from major vendors like Soap.com and Drugstore.com and split the cost based on a criteria the RM's determine i.e. consumption.  As seen in:

Grass Roots Worker

A boiler plate iPhone application that puts technology into the hands of politicians and fund raising organizations without the expense of a custom programs. We've standardized the structure and we populate each one with custom branding, content and images allowing for quick implementation. Value comes two ways: 

  1. Fund raising can be conducted door to door by volunteers using the app and a Swipe Credit Card Terminal

  2. From the fact that volunteers feel empowered on a personal level because they can control the extent that they get involved.

Other features include a supporter education module, information feed, training and connectivity other social technology.

Currently used Congressman Tim Huelskamp.